" Bachler " - what is that?


The 180-Grad panorama view of the Bachlertal along the brook run

The name " Bachler " exist not as place name or surname in the municipality Laberweinting in the midst of the town triangle Regensburg, Straubing and Landshut in good old bavaria. The term derived from " the brook " Bayerbach that flows through the valley from the south to the north and flows into the “kleine Laber” nearby Laberweinting. Formerly in this region there were the political municipalities Asbach, Hofkirchen and Weichs. Since the regional reorganization the villages: Weichs, Osterham, Hofkirchen, Poschenhof, Haimelkofen, Bruckhof, Leitersdorf, Asbach, Hakirchen and Eckenthal belong to the municipality Laberweinting. ( map opinion )

Since eternal times the inhabitant of the surrounding places and municipalities call these villages affectionately, short and concise

" de Bachler ( Bavarian dialect for: the brooks)"

An often used derivative is also the term: " da Boch (Bavarian dialect for: the brook)" or "am Boch draußen (something like: at the brook outside) ". For the sake of simplicity the region around the Bachlertal decided itself for the short name " Bachler ", because it is always laborious to assign the individual valley inhabitants to the exact place of there origin. Due to the many villages it is simpler to note one name (Bachler). The symbolic translation into the German language became probably read:

"... at the brook living.... "

Thus the name " Bachler " kept into our time and stands for the inhabitants of this region as a symbol of co-operation and active association activity. The events of the Bachlertal are well-known far over the borders of the municipality and the region. Those well and perfectly organized celebrations are visited by many guests with pleasure again and again. If the Bachler make themselves on the way for visiting and enjoying events at other places, they are liked and guests seen with pleasure.

  Term explanation:
de Bachler are all persons who live in this region, independent of age and sex. It is not differentiated according to nationalities. A Bachler is, who lives in the Bachlertal. Usually no Bachler leaves voluntarily the valley, accept with raw force or kidnapping (marriage). From that point on he can call himself as a “former Bachler” and he is seen in Hofkirchen always with pleasure. The Bachler are especially talented handling the modern technology. Nearly every household has a PC and is attached to the World Wide Web. The Bachler are proud of their residence and honoured to be Bachler.
der Boch is a over term which means on the one side the geographical valley and on the other side also the people, who live therein.
das Bachlertal is the region between Greilsberg and Laberweinting and marks the settlement area of the Bachler. The Bachlertal consists of the villages: Weichs, Osterham, Hofkirchen, Poschenhof, Haimelkofen, Bruckhof, Leitersdorf, Asbach, Hakirchen and Eckenthal

Stefan Zuckmantel 01-2003